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Joshua Luckow

Executive Director of Canyon Ranch / NEX Co-Founder 2009

An entrepreneurial executive with proven performance and visionary leadership, Joshua Luckow has nearly two decades of escalating and substantive professional experience in public and private global firms ranging in size from $180 million to $52 billion.  He has contributed to the advancement of a number of growth industries—from health & wellness to information technology; from health care to pharmaceutical.  Joshua has united business leaders and entrepreneurs across markets, while working with US senators and congressmen to advance health & wellness legislation at the national level – contributing to the global conversation through public speaking, writing, and cross-collaborations with media across all platforms and promotional channels.

For over a decade, Joshua has worked on strategy and execution, new business development, and branding for Canyon Ranch, the world-renowned, 37-year-old experiential brand.  Working closely with the founders and earning nine promotions during his tenure, along with obtaining an MBA, Joshua has worked in and enhanced every key area of the business—Operations, Business Development, Marketing, Finance, IT, and Internal Audit—gaining invaluable experience in all key strategic, operational, and financial matters.  Joshua has a history of significantly improving revenue, profitability, and cash flow while ensuring his operations provide outstanding customer value.

Joshua is currently the Executive Director of Canyon Ranch’s key strategic differentiator – its robust integrative health care division.  This division includes a state licensed medical facility, behavioral health, nutrition, exercise physiology, and complementary medicine—a team of over 80 top-rated health professionals, from board-certified physicians and psychologists to master’s-level nutritionists, exercise physiologists, and complementary medicine specialists.  Additionally, Joshua is the Corporate Director of the Spiritual and Creative Wellness division, which has undergone tremendous growth throughout his tenure.  Growing, integrating, and harmonizing these divisions within the greater Canyon Ranch environment has been a significant focus during his appointment.

Prior to joining Canyon Ranch, Joshua worked in the information technology industry, leveraging his bachelor’s degree from the 3rd ranked Management Information Systems program in the United States.  He was a software developer and technology consultant for Arthur Andersen, Merck & Co., and Honeywell.

Joshua has a deep passion for collaborating across the global economy and for advancing the health & wellness industry and its adjacent markets through visionary leadership, execution, and innovation.  Additionally, he loves spending quality time with his family, dabbling in the visual arts, exploring the outdoors, and finding ways to be creative and connected in all pursuits.

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