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Jon Lara

Board-certified Otolaryngology/Head & Neck Surgeon

Dr. R. Jonathan Lara is a board-certified Otolaryngology/Head & Neck
Surgeon, raised
and trained in Michigan. His medical degree was obtained from Michigan
State, but his home is now in Tucson, AZ.  Jon's specialty delves into
medical and surgical issues related to the ears, nose and throat. The
relationship of business and medicine is one of mutual need, and he
continues to grow both aspects within his practice.   NEXUS affords the
opportunity to delve into the medical world with a business model at its

heart. The practice of medicine is founded on stable principles and
practices, but the business of running the practice is dynamic and in
flux each day.

Jon's time away from work leads him to the golf course and family
activities. He has always enjoyed a good round of golf with those that
enjoy it, and a little competition to boot. His three kids keep him and
his wife exceptionally busy. As they grow older, their calendar joyfully

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